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    The kind of tyres you use on your cars is not the only thing that determines how long they will last, like palmistry, it tells more about you and how you drive your car, and how much attention you have paid to looking after them,
    -If you tyres are wearing out from the inside/outside
    This probably means(seriously):
    1.your wheel alignment is overdue(negative/positive camber)
    2. a piece of your suspension is damaged or/and needs to be replaced.
    3.You are using rims of a different offset than the one your suspension is designed to cope with.
    -If your cars tires are wearing out from the middle
    This means:
    1.your tyres are overinflated you fool!
    -if your cars tyres are wearing out from the edges/extremeties
    This means:
    1.You're too lazy to get some air filled in your tyres.
    -Scraped tyre walls
    Means: you have a passion for going around fast corners
    -Bent Rims
    Means: you havn't learnt how to slow down for potholes and/or speed bumps.
    -Lines on the tire walls
    Means: you don't know how to change a tire.
    -Tires with different manufacturing years
    Means- you're too cheap to buy a pair of tyres at once.(girls this is for you, never go out with such a chap)
    -Bald tires
    Means: you thoroughly believe you are god and want to tempt fate by chancing death.
    Hope you guys enjoyed my interpretation, trying to get a lil humor in, feel free to make additions..!
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    BALD Tyres you'll run into another car when your on wet road.

    Nice post bro
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    thanks for info :)

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