End of Hero Karizma? We find out something interesting.

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    Hero Moto Corp India is going through a transitional phase. After the company confined its long ties with the Japanese giant Honda, it is trying to its invest time on its own products without any external help. Many great bikes were launched during the Hero Honda era and one of them was the great Karizma, which was loved by millions and still has its aura around it.
    [​IMG]The good old Karizma became the first sports bike in India which kicked off a chain reaction causing many other manufacturers to jump in but with time the Karizma became a legend in its own. After the breakup Hero Moto Corp continued all the models under its new brand name while developing the new bikes to replace the current line-up of bikes.
    In a recent advertisement, Hero advertised all its bikes including the new full faired bike; Karizma ZMR based on Karizma R but the dark horse of the race, Karzima was nowhere in to be pictured. Is it a sign of Hero’s future line-up? Karizma is the one of the best-seller performance bikes from the brand and Hero must have to work extensively even if it is planning to replace the bike with some other model.
    If Hero stops the bike from reaching its showroom then it will marked as end of an era, if the company just did not had a Karizma for the advert shoot then we will perfectly understand. Hero, are we getting something more refined to replace the charismatic Karizma or it was just something that we should not worry about?

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