Chevrolet Captiva is the ace of space

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Apocalypse, Sep 23, 2011.

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    We've just spent our second week with the Chevrolet Captiva and it's already proved how useful it is when it comes to interior space.
    The Golf R, which is still in ICU, can swallow a bagful of apples or two in its boot, but the Captiva could accommodate the whole tree.
    When you fold the second and third row of seats down, there's oceans of room —1,577 litres to be precise. And I made the best possible use of it by finally picking up the performance exhaust system I'd bought for my Trans Am.
    You may be aware that I spend all my time (and money) keeping my GTA on the road. And when the opportunity to upgrade its rusty, 20-year-old manifolds to a brand-new set of Hedman Headers and a Dynomax Turbo muffler presented itself, I snapped it up. And since the Captiva's boot is akin to a hippo's belly, it swallowed the short-tube headers, y-pipe and cat-back with still more room to spare.
    Even with the seats upright, there's still 97 litres of room, but I would suggest dropping the third row for good since they are a tad small but more pertinently, difficult to clamber into — unless plans are afoot to add more doors to the attractive body. Hmm, we hope not.
    It's one of the more versatile seven-seaters out there and there's a generous amount of space up front too. It boasts 1,455mm of shoulder room, 1,026mm of headroom and 1,036mm of leg room. You never feel cramped or claustrophobic and as a result, long journeys are a pleasure rather than a pain, even when you are carrying six adults.
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    we have this under holden
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    Chevrolet/Vauxhall/holden/GM same to same
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    haha nah bhai same nahi .. different BAdges :p

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