Car doesn't start at all :(

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    Alright guys I have a major eff up problem here

    This morning I turned the ignition on .. after 3-4 seconds the car didn't start but did a boom from the exhaust and didn't start after that after several tries.

    I don't really know what has happened. Car had very less fuel , just over E ( may be 3-4 litres) .
    Car has Walbro fuel pump ( thats what previous owner said)

    What I;ve done so far
    - Filled more petrol ( another 5 Litres using a jerry can)
    - Changed the fuel filter
    - Tried jump start

    Sevral tries but no luck. Car behaves so rude!
    After a long self car starts for a fraction of second and dies.

    - Cleaned AFM ( haven't put it yet)

    Do I have to bleed ? my mate said it could be air. becuase I had less fuel and the car has air in the fuel line or something ?

    any idea ?
  2. Codename.47

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    Alright I've set the AFM back .. Still the same :(
  3. Codename.47

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    is the fuel pump priming? can you hear that whiny noise for two or three seconds after you switch on the ignition?
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    well the fuel pump was working so it was the ignitons part

    I went to mechanic to ask if he can fix and come home. he goes na bring it here.. towing will be like 150$

    he said basics are - Fuel and Spark

    you can smell petrol means Fuel is okay
    and spark he asked me to check.

    I took the spark plug out and saw it was dirty .. as in pictures below and then finaly bought Bosch Platinum plus

    Also the AFM was shifty and I had to open it and do the soldering
    now works as wonder

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