Can anyone give me suggestion on SUV models in India?

Discussion in 'Indian Automotive Scene' started by reneestewart28, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Jan 2, 2012
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    Can anyone give me suggestion on SUV models in India? I am actually looking for the best diesel SUV in India, So getting opinion on such will be of great use if the information includes some of its important features too. I think both Sedan and SUVs are becoming popular these days. I have also heard about mini SUVs, so how exactly SUV is different from Mini SUV.
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    standard suv's have a seating capacity of 7-8 people, mini suv's can only seat 4-5 people quite alike regular sedans/hatchbacks but have a larger storage area as compared to a hatchback, since they are lighter, have smaller engines and they are more fuel efficient and cheaper as well, if you could be more specific as to which price bracket you are looking at we can point you in the right direction..

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