BMW Motorrad HP2 Sport in India

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    BMW has now bought Motarrad included all motorcycles that go beyond 800 cc in India. Lower capacity bikes will be available at a later stage in the country. F650 Funduro was available but in less quantities due to the high price tag. BMW bikes like the R25 and R26 are not new to our country. They were existent way back in the 1950s in Goa and were then used for public transport like motorcycle taxis, but those bikes aren’t in service anymore, and we wonder where they are.
    The BMW Motorrad range The in India is available for Rs 18 lakh upwards. HP2 Sport, available for Rs 33 lakh. Navneet Motors has been selected by the company for their Mumbai and Bangalore region, and Deutsche Motoren will cater to the Delhi region. All servicing demands will be attended to by dealers.
    With showrooms coming up in Mumbai and Delhi, formal launch of these BMW bikes will be around May/June this year. Orders are being entertained, and delivery processes are being looked into. If budget is not an issue you will soon have a host of bikes to choose from.

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