BMW 3 Series

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    The BMW 3 Series sedan is the original in the compact sports sedan segment and over the years has come to symbolise the aesthetic appeal, dynamics and sporting capability of BMW. With its dynamic and elegant lines, the sixth model generation of the world's best-selling premium vehicle highlights the sporting character of the brand's mid-size model.
    The new 3 Series will come with a host of engines such as the 320i, 320d, 318d, 316d and 335i. We think the 320d and the 325i will make it to Indian shores. Priced at Rs 25 lakh – Rs 40 lakh.

    Expected : mid 2012, Price : Rs 25 lakh – Rs 40 lakh

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    320d cant be cheap
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    Apr 26, 2011
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    it won't be, this car has great potential..but its bland styling has somehow let it down, when you are spending that amount of money, people expect it to reflect on the vehicle, in which case the 3 series can be a bit disappointing
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    ya it really looks bit wierd i saw the newest one

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