Blurry Leaked Image Shows us the 2015 Ford Edge

Discussion in 'International Automotive Scene' started by Car Lover, Feb 18, 2013.

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    [​IMG] It looks like Ford is preparing to surprise us with a new generation Edge crossover and if the first leaked image turns out to be true, it will be quite a huge surprise. A super-blurry image outlining future Ford models has hit the Interwebz and, as you can see, the 2015 Edge will feature an impressive evolution over the current generation with design inspired by the new generation Fusion.
    The front seems to have been heavily revised with a a more prominent grille, sweptback headlights, plus more pronounced and aggressive lines. All of which are welcome additions to the aging Edge.
    Its just our crazy impression, or 2015 will really be a busy year for Ford: there will be a new Mustang, new Edge and possibly new Taurus and Expedition.
    We’ll keep a close eye out more a better-resolution image and we are sure one will popup soon enough. Until then, break out your microscopes and check out the above image comparing the 2013 model to the leaked image of the 2015 model.

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