Benefits of Premium Fuel

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    Benefits of Premium Fuel ( Speed, Power, Xtra Premium )

    New generation cars use the MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection) technology, where the fuel is injected into the engine through fine valves, for better fuel efficiency and emission control. Impurities found in normal fuels tend to clog these fine holes of fuel injectors thereby reducing the efficiency of the engine. They may sometimes even affect the catalytic converters, leading to increased emission. While the regular maintenance of your Car will take care of problems like clogged valves and intakes, use of Premium fuel do help avoid the problem from building up in the first place.


    • Maximizing power output : With its advanced deposit control additive system, this fuel cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, additive system, fuel injectors, intake ports, and valves to restore maximum power output. They also help keep new engines clean to maintain engine power output.
    • Better acceleration : Premium fuel remove deposits that can hurt acceleration performance. They have unparalleled 'intake valve cleanup and keep clean' performance. With cleaner valves, better acceleration is achieved.
    • Better driveability and smoothness : Clean fuel injectors and intake valves ensure good throttle response and driveability. Tests show that Premium fuel provide smooth engine response.
    • Maintaining fuel economy : Air intake and fuel delivery systems are maintained in 'as-designed' conditions, giving precise air/fuel mixture control for minimum fuel consumption
    • Reducing exhaust emissions : The deposit control in this fuel helps maintain proper fuel/air mixture so that emission control systems operate properly to minimize hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions.
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    Is premium fuel designed to run on their higher compression ratios??

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