Audi R8 catches fire in Mumbai

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    Often in news for its prowess and technologically advanced features, Audi R8 was caught in a bizarre incident in Mumbai. Flames engulfed the German icon of technology and speed. Two occupants were able to get out of the car with the help of renowned industrialist Gautam Singhania before fire could reach the cabin of the supercar.

    According to owner, the car was serviced only a week ago and was in perfect condition before the incident happened. The owner also denied of any modifications done to the vehicle.
    The fire turned the vehicle in ashes during the Parx Super Car Show rally that saw many other supercar brands including Aston Martins, Audis, Bentleys, Ferraris and the likes cruising through the city but the organisers denied the ill-fated car was not part of the rally.
    Audi is yet to comment on the incident. We the supercar’s V8 soul rests in peace while owner wonder what went wrong in the perfectly maintained car.

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