Audi q3 in 2012

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    The compact SUV is 4.39 meters (14.40 ft) long, 1.83 meters (6.00 ft) wide and 1.59 meters (5.22 ft) high
    The luggage compartment of the compact SUV has a capacity of 460 liters
    the Q3 2.0 TDI with 103 kW (140 hp) and front-wheel drive.
    What do u think guys?

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    X5, X3,, X1

    then Q7 , Q5 and Q3 and i know where it is goin
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    Audi at present is the luxury segment SUV topper with models like Audi R8, Audi R8 Spyder, Audi RS5 and Audi TT Coupe. Audi Q3 has come out in just the diesel trims and the company is going to launch Q3 petrol version as per demand. The pickup of the car is reaches at 100 kmph in just 8.2 seconds. Audi Q3 is a well proportioned SUV.
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