Audi A2 concept to debut in Frankfurt

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    We’ve got our hands on some official photos of the futuristic, zero-emissions Audi A2. This concept, which you’ll be able to see up close and personal at the Frankfurt auto show, measures just 3.80 metres long, 1.69 metres wide and 1.49 metres high – slightly smaller than theBMW i3. It boasts a powerful looking body and a cool looking dark glass roof. Oh, and we just love those stylish alloys.
    Inside, the A2 is light and open and can seat four adults. It features some intuitive controls too. For example, when you activate the electric drive, a dynamic light illuminates the cockpit welcoming the driver and passengers and it also has touch-control areas on the steering wheel.
    Its lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor which is mounted in the front of the A2 and it produces 116bhp and 270 Nm of torque. Its single-speed transmission helps to propel it from 0-100kph in 9.3 seconds. It has a limited top speed of 150kph and a range of 200km while recharging takes just 1.5 hours
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    this is like audi making a clone of bmw x1

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