600 bhp BMW M8 supercar planned to celebrate 100 years of BMW

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    [​IMG]BMW i8 Concept supercar

    A supercar is the ultimate technical expression of speed, power, performance and flair. BMW has had a bitter-sweet experience of their first attempt at making a supercar. The M1 was built to race in the first place. A change is regulations meant the car didn’t pass scrutiny and the project had to be halted. Still, BMW went on to make a limited number of M1s for the masses instead. Just over 450 examples were ever produced until production was stopped by 1981.[​IMG]BMW i8 Concept supercar

    The recipe for a supercar is simple. Build a massively powerful engine, bolt it behind the driver’s compartment and let the power go to the rear wheels. This formula has been perfected over the ages by almost all the top level supercar and sports car makers as it offers perfect weight distribution and handling. BMW would be celebrating 100 years of its existence in a couple of years time. To commemorate the feat, BMW has embarked on a project that would result in a mid-engine supercar by 2016.[​IMG]BMW i8 Concept supercar

    This was confirmed by the top boss at BMW M Division- Friedrich Nitschke. The car is expected to be based on the i8 hybrid sportscar that the company showcased as part of the launch of the new ‘i’ sub-brand. Extensive use of space-age materials including carbon-fibre would be evident on the upcoming supercar dubbed the M8. Engine that would go under the intricate bodywork would be a twin-turbocharged V8 with as much as 600 horsepower.[​IMG]BMW i8 Concept supercar

    Now, that’s what we’d expected when we first saw the i8 concept. A week and feeble hybrid certainly won’t do justice to the efforts the designers have put in creating the i8 sports car. Still, we won’t be surprised to see a KERS-type energy reclamation system being added to the mix in a bid to control emissions and secondly to keep the regulators happy. In fact, most modern supercars would employ hybrid system alongside conventional gasoline burners. Ferrari is among them and so is McLaren.

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