2013 Honda CR-V could be priced under Rs 21 lakhs!

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    2013 will see a number new car launches from the Japanese brand Honda. Among the list of car destined for the Indian market is the Amaze sedan which is based on the more familiar Brio hatchback. Their flagship sedan Accord is also set for a makeover and so is the CR-V. More importantly, year 2013 will mark the entry of Honda diesel engines in India. The CR-V will get a petrol powertrain to kick things off following which a diesel model seems inevitable.Having said that, the new CR-V will also shift to CKD assembly. This marks a big step for the car maker as Honda would be able to pass on the benefit to its customers in the form of lowered prices. Currently, Honda assembles the Accord saloon through CKD kits coming via Asian markets. The new Honda CR-V will also be assembled locally which means the price could go down by a big chunk. We expect the new Honda CR-V to be priced under Rs 21 lakhs.Of course, it will be powered by a 2.4 litre petrol engine and not an i-DTEC. Hence, the main rivals for the upcoming SUV will be the Mitsubishi Outlander, BMW X1 and Suzuki Grand Vitara. Not a big list then. However, will it chip into the market share of the other diesel SUV? We don’t think so. Still, the new and improved CR-V has got some aces up its sleeves and would certainly live up to its name and with an attractive price tag we might just be in for a surprise

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