2012 VW Beetle Set for Indian market

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    2012 VW Beetle Set for Indian market

    European auto giant Volkswagen introduced the most awaited highly powered small car model Volkswagen Beetle to the Indian auto market in the Premium D-segment, back in December 2009. The company had brought only one variant of the car, news is that Beetle is going to rock once again with its new peppier look, which is going to be launched in 2011.


    All VW Beetle models are imported as CBUs (Completely Built Units) from Volkswagen’s manufacturing plant that is based in Mexico VW Beetle has a 2.0 L petrol engine with a six speed automatic transmission gearbox that does wonders for the overall car handling. This small legend in itself is a stylish, scenic and powerful hatchback that offers you the thrill of an SUV, and if you look at the size of the make, you are amazed to see all the exciting features loaded in a model that is inspired by the insect beetle. What makes Beetle better than most of the other cars in the race are the active safety features like ABS with EBD, seat belt alarm, dual front and side impact airbags and tyre pressure monitoring system. I am going to share some of the amazing exterior, interior and performance features of Beetle, and also ponder upon some of the flaws and weak links of the car.

    Volkswagen is launching the latest variant of its ‘world car’, the VW Beetle, seen as a global launch, with simultaneous launches at both the Shanghai and New York Auto shows. And to add to this there will be an event in Berlin to promote the car in Europe. The latest version that has been built on the semi-retro ‘New Beetle’, which was introduced in the year 1998 and was accounted for more than one million sales before a decision was taken to discontinue it last year. So even if VW states that every part has been remade, much of the car body still is based closely on that of the original Volkswagen Beetle, of which 20 million units were sold.

    The new car dimensions are 1.808m wide, 1.486m tall, and 4.278m long. That is 84mm wider, 12mm lower and 152mm longer than the current version, which is running on the roads. The newer Beetle is designed under VW Group design chief Walter De’Silva and VW brand design boss Klaus Bischoff. With the new look, Beetle gets sharper, squarer bumpers, and a more rakish kind of a roofline.

    There are new features of the Beetle that include LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, an integrated rear spoiler, and larger wheels which are up to 19 inches in diameter. The engine also has many options that will be launched globally, which are 3 turbocharged petrol units, powered by 103bhp (1.2 cc), 158bhp (1.4 cc) and 197bhp (2.0 cc). Also, there will be 2 turbo diesels of 103bhp (1.6 cc) and 138bhp (2.0 cc). VW Beetle would get the seven speed dual clutch transmission, and it will be optional to the buyers.

    The highest petrol variant can reach a speed of 207kph. The1.6 TSI get VW’s modern electronic differential lock, which helps in braking, and thus prevents the unloaded inside wheel from spinning during cornering, which helps handling eventually. All these features definitely make the new VW Beetle a better prospect and all will be keen to have a test ride.

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