2012 Volkswagen Beetle

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    The Beetle is probably one of the most recognizable cars in automotive history. The original car, designed in the 1930s, holds the record for the longest produced automobile in history. Volkswagen revived this classic back in 1998, with a modern take on the original car, and this model has been available in India for the last couple of years or so. But this year, VW launched a brand new ‘new’ Beetle, which the designers say, is even more similar in design to the historic model, and this one will drive into India in 2012.
    Some of the more rounded design elements may have been dropped, but this Beetle looks as gorgeous as ever. As for pricing, the current car costs about 21 lakh rupees, so expect the new one to be in the same range, which means what started out as a ‘people’s car’ will remain as elitist as ever.

    Expected: End 2012, Price: Rs 21 lakh

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