2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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    Toyota today announced that its all-new 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid is available at Toyota dealership across the U.S. The 2012 Camry Hybrid is available in LE and XLE grades.

    With an updated version of Toyota’s hybrid-electric powertrain, which features a newly-developed 2.5-L four-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower output, the new Camry Hybrid achieves an estimated city/highway/combined fuel economy rating of 43/39/41 mpg.

    New to the 2012 Camry Hybrid model, is an efficient EV mode that allows the driver to operate the car using the electric motor alone under certain conditions for up to 1.6 miles at speeds below 25 mph. The EV indicator illuminates when the vehicle is being run solely by the electric motor.

    All 2012 Toyota Camry Hibrid models have lower MSRP than the previous model year. The 2012 Camry Hybrid LE starts at $25,900 which is a $1,150 lower than the 2011 model. The Camry Hybrid XLE is priced at $27,400, which is an $800 decrease from a similarly equipped 2011 Camry Hybrid model despite having more added features.

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    Camry is a benchmark in driving experience coming from the stables of Toyota and is considered a pretty car with the basic goodies coming as standard. The name Camry is inspired by a Japanese word ‘kanmuri’ which means Crown. The new Camry is highly frugal and offers 12.1 kmpl as per ARAI. Well-defined exteriors of Toyota Camry shed luxury at each centimeter of road as it moves with a unique stance. The large sedan amalgamates sporty and luxurious looks perfectly. Toyota Camry price tag starts from Rs. 23.8 lac.
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