2012 Mitsubishi Cedia Select

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    Mitsubishi India has launched the 2012 Cedia Select priced at Rs 8.90 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi).

    The company claims that the new features will transform the car into a "powerhouse of communication on the move."

    Notable changes include a portable 7-inch Mapmyindia android-based tablet with 3G connectivity, in-built map and real time navigation system, and up to seven hours of talk time. The Cedia carries over the 4-speaker Kenwood DVD player with 6.1 inch touch-screen from the older Cedia Sport, it is GPS compatible and has Bluetooth/USB connectivity. A new rear-view camera is also offered, and its video output is seen on the audio screen.

    Mechanically the car remains same, powered by 115PS 2.0-litre petrol engine. The interior updates include a three-spoke black leather wrapped steering wheel, oyster leather seat covers, two-tone beige interiors and beige floor mats. Changes on the outside include 12-spoke alloy wheels, high-intensity halogen headlamps and horizontal-slat matte black grille.

    The new Cedia Select 2012 is available in three colours - White Speed, Black Flash and Rally Red.

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    why are they producing 2012 cedia where is normal lancer , looks muchb etter than this man

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    The all new Mitsubishi Cedia Select offers portable tablet which can be hung on the windscreen or at the back of headrest. Also, it comes equipped with GPS compatible 4-speaker Kenwood DVD player having 6.1 inch touch-screen interface having USB & Bluetooth port. Rear view camera on the Cedia Select offers safe and secure ride.

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