2012 Kia Trackster Concept

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    KMA's design team dreamed big, but also kept their vision firmly rooted in reality. A 2.0-litre turbocharged in-line-four engine puts 250 horsepower to the road, a 66 per cent increase over that of the production Soul. Power is routed to all four wheels via an electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system. The short-throw six-speed manual transmission is capped with a stubby spherical shift lever. The Trackster rides on a lowered sport suspension tuned for track performance.

    Opening the driver's door reveals a light and airy interior highlighted with deeply bolstered Inferno Orange suede-covered racing seats. Granite Grey leather envelopes the interior landscape and imparts a feeling of strength and stability. Granite Grey suede wraps the sport steering wheel and door panels. Located deep within red-glowing nacelles, the primary instruments are large and easily readable. Auxiliary vehicle information such as oil temperature and battery voltage is found atop the dash panel while navigation, entertainment and ventilation controls are accessed through a large touch-screen panel located just above the engine Start/Stop push-button.

    Behind the front seats is where Kia Trackster Concept takes a significant step away from its Soul stable mate. The rear seats have been removed and replaced with a fully integrated equipment tray and spare-tyre well. "We saw the Trackster as a performance-inspired concept that could spend time on the road and racetrack," said Kearns. "The idea was to make the tools and equipment necessary to keep the car performing in top condition easily accessible." Large panelled bins stow racing gear such as helmets, suits, gloves and tools while emergency supplies are housed within a separate and highly visible Inferno Orange container. A custom rear strut brace incorporates a quick-release handle to allow for fast wheel changes.


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    I liked it
  3. Codename.47

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    yah looks kool..for a kia :p
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    looks like a scaled down land rover evoque...
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    you can use this tool in photoshop called FREE Transform :p

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