2012 Honda Pilot Voted “Family Car of the Year” by Cars.com

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    Honda today announced that its 2012 Pilot had been awarded “Family Car of the Year” by Cars.com. This is the second consecutive winning for the Honda brand. Last year the award was given to Honda Odyssey.
    For 2012, the Honda Pilot receives a wide range of upgrades, including sleeker exterior and refined interior.

    Using the same V-6 250 horsepower engine as the 2011 model year, the 2012 Honda Pilot however has better fuel efficiency thanks to additional measures for friction reduction. It has estimated city/highway/combined fuel economy rated at 17/24/20 mpg on 4WD models and 18/25/21 mpg on 2WD models.

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    looks 'uncleish' if there is such a word....any particular field it excelled in that merited the award?
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    American = UNCLES haha

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