2012 Ford Falcon Eco Boost ( 4 Cylinder turbo charged )

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    The imported Mondeo is almost as big and much more modern, albeit with front-wheel drive. It's a shiny raincheater while the Falcon is the musty overcoat you left at the back of the cupboard.


    Yes, there are many reasons not to buy a Falcon. But its new engine isn't one of them. Of course, it isn't as powerful as the venerable straight six you can get for the same money. It's half the capacity, after all. But a turbocharger is today's replacement for displacement, and with 179kW compared to 195kW, it gets remarkably close.

    On torque there's more of gap -- 353Nm to 391Nm -- but in the Ecoboost Falcon it arrives much lower in the rev range.


    That makes it responsive and driveable from the off. So much so, that on the run through Hobart for the first few kilometres I was chatting to my co-driver before I thought to focus on the engine.

    Around town, it does everything you expect without fuss. It just delivers. Out of town, it's much more fun than its modest capacity would suggest.

    The mapping between the engine and six-speed automatic transmission seems spot-on. It doesn't get frenetic and it doesn't hunt. It's a confident combination and when you floor it, you don't feel short-changed. It even sounds good.

    Much of the time, though, it's an unobtrusive driveline and Ford worked hard to remove the annoying whooshes and whistles that turbos can generate. There's extra sound deadening and the refinement is first rate. It's at a level that would not disgrace a prestigious European badge, where there's a long history of putting fours into large sedans.

    There's more. Despite the extra cabin padding, the whole car is a lot lighter, especially at the front. It feels as though there was somebody sitting on the bonnet who's now got off.
    The effect on the dynamics is very noticeable, especially after a short comparison run in the six. The four is better balanced and turns in more eagerly.

    It has litheness and agility that the six cannot have. It isn't as powerful, but it doesn't need to be. In outright terms, of course, it isn't as quick. But in a timed run to 100km/h I managed 6.6 seconds and someone did 6.5. So it isn't slow either.

    Ford says this is the first rear-drive car with this engine and it's unlikely to be the last. In the US, it's going in the 2WD Explorer SUV and the next Mustang might even have it.


    So there's another way to look at this car. Don't count the cylinders -- I'd have this ahead of the Holden Commodore 3.0-litre V6 any day. The Falcon may be a musty overcoat. But it has a new silk lining.

    Ford Falcon Ecoboost

    Vehicle: Large sedan
    Engine: 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol
    Outputs: 179kW at 5500rpm, 353Nm at 2000rpm
    Transmission: Six-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
    Price: From $37,235 (XT) to $46,735 (G6E) plus
    on-road costs
    On sale: Now

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    This car looks great.I have some news about ford.Ford Motor Co is strategizing four new vehicles with four-wheel drives for China. More emphasis will be laid on the utility vehicles as Ford projects that the market for this segment has the potential of growing more than 10 percent every year. The smallest 4WD for the car market of China will be the compact Ford EcoSport. At Beijing Motor Show 2012, Ford showcased the Ford Explorer, the Ford Kuga and the Ford Focus ST.And one more news about ford India.

    Ford Motors will be rendering its Ford Escape SUV three EcoBoost engines which are 1.6-liter (SEL), 2.0-liter (Titanium) and the 2.5-liter (S). These EcoBoost engines will make the new Escape a highly fuel efficient SUV with fuel consumption going under 6.9-liter per 100 km. The SEL engine is the most efficient of all with fuel efficiency of 6.0-liter per 100 km. The 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine generates 178 horsepower and 194 ft-lbs torque. Ford Motors believes that by 2013 it will equip 90% of its cars with an EcoBoost power-train.
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    yeah good news
    and that ecoboost is new escape if not mistaken

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