2007 Honda Accord Euro Premium Luxury: Review

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    Make : Honda
    Year: 2007
    Model: Accord Euro
    Trim - 4 Door , Premium Luxury
    Transmission: 6 Speed manual
    Engine: i-Vtec block 2.4 Litre 4 cylinder inline
    Drive type: front wheel drive

    Finally, search was over on the weekend after driving the Silvia S15 Spec R , skyline V35 coupe .. It was the Honda Accord premium luxury.

    Interior and Exterior: The car itself is very nice and compact for a Premium class luxury car , however it has all the nice little luxuries that you may need.

    Premium model we bought has :
    Leather heated Seats
    Reverse parking sensos
    Sunroof (electric)
    Electronic tint Rear view mirror
    Climate control
    Auto wipers and lights
    HID projectors and Fog lamps
    17" Alloy wheels

    Inside is full on gentleman's ride , you have a nice fancy dash where you get CD/AUX controls are on the steering ..and airbags to protect you .
    For passenger side , if you flip down the sun wiser it pops open with a light and a mirror so that your lady can do that touch ups

    It comes with the I-Vtec engine which is not the same as Traditional Type R blocks however they are not as bad . After driving this car I was feeling so much relaxed. Gear shifting is pretty smooth , 6 speed manual, 6th gear gets engaged over 70 kmph however the revs might drop.
    Acceleration isn't that astonishing as its only 4 cylinder and 2.4 Litre only and designed to keep you safe.

    I didn't really thrash it and seen its potential . Will update that soon. Drive-ability I'll give 8 out of 10 .

    Value for money:
    Cars like this with less KMS on clock if you can get used ones for just under 18Grand mark (18000 dollars ~ 9 lac rupees ) and under 100,000 KM in Luxury premium trim that will be great other than that its a waste on normal models.

    they are really good on fuel , you can get 100 kms in about 8.9 litres of fuel.

    If you have a dream of being a king and feel the same in under 20 Grand (10 lacs) go for this car and you will never regret.

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