2000 Honda Integra Type R (DC2) Build 474 Review : Rahul

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    Today , my brother went to pick this car up for one of my friend Jon . We all work together at same workplace and since we know about cars , we did some research and found that car was cheaper compared to what we would pay in the current market.

    The Cars details are :
    Year: 2000 April
    Make: Honda
    Model: Integra - Type R
    Build Number : 0474
    Engine: 1797CC B18C
    Drive Type : Front wheel Drive
    Tranmission: 5 Speed Manual
    Wheels: 16" Enkei Wheels (Factory Fitted)
    Seats : Recaro bucket seats


    It was my first time driving the Honda Type R badged car. I wasn't expecting too much when I already have a car thats modded heavily.

    Ride Quality :

    In terms of Ride quality , this car has all those bit and pieces of equipments that you expect from a sports car . When I talk equipments I mean to point out the stiff suspension which isn't too bad since its not that lowered. Ride is bit bumpy but gets smooth on the straight road. However when you turn this car at higher speed you feel the back pushing out and due to not much cusion in the seats you feel your getting squashed.


    Type R cars are built for sports. You might be thinking that a naturally aspirated engine and its sports ? Is that guy getting the figures right?
    Well yeah in the start I have no clue when people told me that Type R cars are fast naturally aspirated till I drove one.
    The car can Rev upto 8000 RPM with no problems at all. I drove the car 1st gear 8000 RPM , 2nd gear 8000 RPM , 3rd Gear 8000 RPM and the car just don't lose it. The sound of the engine I must say is like a musical instrument , you just want to keep it humming.


    For 2000 Model (12 years old ) car you wouldn't expect it to have all the needed techie and geek stuff in the car. The cars comes with dual airbags to start with , it got a strut bar in the engine bay and the ABS control to make sure you stop on time.

    Small gear stick is just brilliant, the gear change on the car is absolutely amazing.

    Things I didn't like were the heavy steering wheel on the DC2 trim which I suppose is due to the front wheel drive layout.

    Ride sometimes appears to be too bumpy and feels heavy at times.

    Other than that its a Fun to drive car.

    Here are some pictures.

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    this is car is bone stock...has a lot of potential though ;), you're right though, the engine note is sweet, honda knows how to build an engine.. :D, they off loaded all their junk in india though...
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    yeah I know i was always bagging him cuz he is asian and his honda liking till the day i drove one type r

    its nice car for sure.

    yeah well indians won't even know about type r cuz even the dealer as you can see from the purchase above had no idea what the hell type r means

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