1987 Mazda RX-7 : Project FC

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    1987 Mazda RX7 GT30R Turbo


    o BMW alpine white paint
    o Shine Auto RMagic side skirts and rear ad on
    o Foresight front fenders and rear over fenders
    o AIT front bumper
    o JRX wangan wing
    o Custom molded fender, side skirts, and rear bumper
    o Carbon roof panel ( smoked )
    o APP 6000k hid kit
    o S5 round taillights
    o Led bulbs (all)
    o All new weather stripping and exterior pieces
    o Medium tint all around


    o Stance GR+Pro coilovers f-12 r-12
    o Racing beat front and rear sway bars
    o Energy polyurethane complete bushing kit
    o Ronin tow hook
    o All new mazdacomp bushings (engine, trans, front and rear diff )
    o Mazdatrix camber adjuster
    o AWR rear control arm camber adjusters
    o Racing brake front and rear slotted rotors
    o Endless SS brake pads
    o Earls SS brake lines
    o Motul brake oil
    o Autopower 4 point roll bar
    o Cusco side bars
    o Custom powder coated front sub frame matte textured black
    o Powder coated candy purple lower control arms, sway bars, Autopower 4 point roll bar, Cusco side bars


    o Sponsored by SSR Wheels
    o SSR Professor MS1 titan silver center with black bolts and custom black anodized inner and outer barrels
    o Front 18×9, Rear 18×10.5
    o Falken Fk-452 front 225/35/18 rear 255/30/18
    o Work black lug nuts


    o Recaro Pole Position leather racing seats with grey suede inserts
    o Bride seat brackets
    o Nardi racing steering wheel
    o MoonFace shift knob
    o Carbon center console 3 gauge holder
    o Haltech racepak IQ3
    o HKS turbo timer
    o AEM digital gauges (fuel press, water and oil temp)
    o Greddy Touch – A/F aem sender, boost, fuel pressure, volts etc.

    + Clarion VX401 multimedia station with 6.2 hi resolution touch panel control
    + MB quarts component speakers

    Automotive Performance

    # Rotary Power street port 13bt
    # Garret GT30R BB turbo
    # ARC intercooler kit
    # HKS cast manifold
    # Tial 44mm wastegate
    # Polished JDM upper and lower intake manifolds
    # Exedy stage 1 clutch kit
    # Racing beat lightened flywheel
    # Earls SS oil and coolant turbo lines and fittings
    # Modified and sleeved main engine harness (air pump deleted)
    # Haltech P1000 sport ecu, harness, and boost solenoid
    # Tunned by Nelson at RRR 350 hp and 275 torque @12 psi
    # Gm 3bar map sensor
    # Dynamic injectors x4 1000cc
    # AEM Water Injection kit
    # Cosmo Denso in tank fuel pump
    # SS -6 fuel lines and fittings
    # Banzai Racing fuel rail kit
    # Racing Beat turbo back REV T2 exhaust
    # Koyo radiator
    # Tial BOV
    # Optima Yellow top battery
    # Corksports oil cooler lines and fan shroud
    # Steel braided lines and fittings
    # Custom Earls power steering cooler and lines
    # Mazda competition 10 spark plugs
    # Mazdatrix spark plug wires
    # Mazdatrix short shifter
    # Mazdatrix oil cap
    # Chrome rotary oil dip stick
    # SS allen bolts and anodized purple washers
    # Idemetsu 10/30 synthetic racing oil and fuel premix
    # Engine bay painted red purple pearl
    # Powder coated candy purple engine bay pieces
    # Polished and chromed engine pieces

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  2. Dhhawal

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    is that a radiator shroud or a jet turbine? :D
  3. Codename.47

    Codename.47 Guest

    hahah looks like jet turbine to be honest
  4. gagan_singh

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    when i sold my bov a little while ago. the guy had same car and was building it at the time. looks sick!!
  5. Codename.47

    Codename.47 Guest

    they look alright but go really fast

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